Background of Pathologie-DNA 

Pathology-DNA is an initiative of pathologists and managers of the laboratory for Pathology of the Jeroen Bosch hospital (Den Bosch), St. Antonius hospital (Nieuwegein) and Rijnstate hospital (Arnhem). It was the ambition of the partnerships for Pathology of these three hospitals to create a stable and long-lasting cooperation in order to cope with developments in the field of medical care, its financing and the social context in which hospitals and the laboratory for Pathology in particular have to work. This ambition was supported by the Board of Directors and the clinical staff of these three hospitals. On January 1, 2013, the partnerships for Pathology of the aforementioned hospitals merged into Pathology-DNA. On October 24, 2014, the cooperation of Pathology-DNA with their respective laboratories of Pathology was officially acknowledged by the Board of Directors of these three hospitals. On January 1, 2015, the legal status of partnership was changed into Pathology-DNA a private limited corporation (B.V.).

Mission: to achieve a more efficient and high-quality laboratory process by 

  • Advanced up-to-date diagnostic techniques using one line of equipment acquired in cooperation
  • Extensive mutual consultations and comparison of (diagnostic) results
  • Yearly audits concerning critical processes
  • Uniform reporting
  • Creating a database for (diagnostic) results
  • ISO 15189 accredited quality systems
  • Offering diagnostic services to GP practices
  • Protocols for pathology that are accepted and sustained troughout Pathologie-DNA
  • Uniform operational procedures within each of the three laboratories for Pathology
  • Optimal ratio of deployment of staff and molecular techniques
  • Guaranteed short turnaround times
  • Panels of expertise for specific areas of interest
  • Continuity of laboratory processes and diagnostic services
  • Optimal control by molecular biologists
  • Offering training to pathology residents and technical personnel