Background and mission

Pathology-DNA is an initiative by pathologists and managers of the Pathology laboratories of three hospitals: Jeroen Bosch Hospital (Den Bosch), St. Antonius Hospital (Nieuwegein), and Rijnstate (Arnhem).
The Pathology partnerships of the three hospitals were looking for intensive and structural collaboration. This considering various developments in healthcare, healthcare financing, and the social context in which hospitals, and Pathology laboratories in particular, have to operate. This ambition was emphasised by the Boards of Directors involved and the Senior Medical Staffs of the hospitals mentioned. On 1 January 2013, the Pathology partnerships of the three hospitals merged to become the collaborative partnership Pathology-DNA. This was followed on 24 October 2014 by the signing of the collaboration agreement of the Pathology laboratories and Pathology-DNA partnership by all parties involved. On 1 January 2015, the legal form of the partnership was changed to Pathology-DNA B.V., a limited liability company.

Its mission was to achieve a more efficient and better quality laboratory process through:

  • the use of advanced, up-to-date diagnostic techniques, using equipment purchased together;
  • extensive mutual consultation and comparing test results;
  • annual audits related to critical work being done;
  • standardisation of reporting and creating a database of results;
  • ISO 15189 accredited quality systems;
  • offering general practitioner diagnostic testing;
  • Pathology-DNA-wide agreed and used protocols;
  • uniform approaches in the three laboratories;
  • optimal ratio of assigned personnel and molecular biological determinations;
  • guaranteed and reduced lead time;
  • panels with specific focus areas;
  • continuity of the determinations and evaluations;
  • optimal recommendations by molecular biologists;
  • offering training positions to doctors and laboratory technicians.