Charlotte Wetzels 10-2021 rond

Charlotte Wetzels

BIG-number: 39064203901

"Digital pathology and sub-specialisation through close contact with other DNA locations leads to the optimisation of the quality of pathology and, as a result, of patient care."

After completing her medical degree at the KU Leuven, Charlotte Wetzels continued her education at the Radboud UMC to become a pathologist. Afterwards, she spent more than 9 years working for the PAMM Foundation in Eindhoven, connected to the 4 hospitals in that area. There, she also worked as a deputy educator. In 2019, she took the RVA course to become a specialist/external auditor. She has been a pathologist at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital since March 2020.

She is a participant of the melanoma panel, mid-Holland region, is a member of the Dutch Society for Dermapathology and Venerology and of the CKBU of the NVVP.

Fields of interest

  • Bone and Soft tissue pathology
  • Dermapathology
  • Urogenital pathology