Mr. Cees Mensink Business Manager 

Working together in a large regional network makes the quality and efficiency of the service better.

Cees Mensink (1957) has been working as a manager of Pathology DNA since June 2017. Before that, Cees worked in various management positions in laboratories. Over the past 4 years, Cees has worked in the position of interim manager at the Reinier Haga Group. He was responsible for the privatization and merger of the laboratories for clinical chemistry, medical microbiology, medical immunology and pathology. To that end, Cees has been managing the PAMM Foundation (laboratory for pathology and medical microbiology in Southeast Brabant) for more than 8 years, and has worked for more than 12 years as a laboratories manager at a Contract Research Organization. He will use his extensive working experience over the last 35 years in various laboratories for the development of Pathology DNA.