Mr. Hans van der Linden MD PhD, pathologist (Den Bosch) 

“The pathologist will become the center of the diagnostic “web” more and more.”

Hans van der Linden (1958) became a pathologist at the VUmc in 1991. He defended his thesis on a study on prognostic factors of breast cancer. Having been a staff member at the department of Pathology for 8 years, he switched to a Pathology practice in a large peripheral hospital. Here he could combine his love for Pathology with his organizational talents, not only within the laboratory for Pathology as manager/consultant but also outside the hospital as a board member of the NVVP, as well as becoming a regional coordinating pathologist for the Stichting Bevolkingsonderzoek Zuid (population based screening for cervical cancer). Currently Hans van der Linden actively participates in the Legal Taskforce, the Cytology Committee and the Committee for registration of molecular biologists in Pathology.

Fields of interest 

Bone and soft tissue pathology


Perinatal pathology

Urogenital pathology