Mr. Jos Meijer MD PhD, pathologist (Arnhem) 

“Delivering efficient top diagnostics in collaboration with clinicians in order to provide the best patient care.”

After his training at the St. Radboud University medical Center Nijmegen, Jos Meijer (1954) first worked at the Canisius Wilhelmina hospital (Nijmegen). for 5 years. In late 1989 he started at his current employer at Rijnstate hospital (Arnhem). He works as a trainer in Pathology. In December 2006 he defended his thesis on “Pathologic aspects of celiac disease” at the University of Amsterdam. He has been involved in research resulting in more than 65 publications. For years he has been a pioneer of the hospital information system of Rijnstate hospital. He is the president of PALGA, the nationwide network and registry of histo- and cytopathology in the Netherlands. Furthermore, he is actively participating in the Legal Taskforce and the Laboratory Visitation Committee of the NVVP.

Fields of interest 

Gastro-intestinal pathology

Head & neck pathology




ICT applications in pathology