Mr. Karel Kuijpers MD, PhD, pathologist (Nieuwegein) 

“The dynamic cooperation of laboratories for Pathology and the joint partnerships of Pathology-DNA of Jeroen Bosch, St. Antonius and Rijnstate is a logical reaction to the changes in medical care, which follow one another at an ever-increasing pace.”

After his research on immunology of the human T-cell response to influenza virus for his thesis at the central Laboratory for the Blood Transfusion Services Amsterdam, Karel Kuijpers (1959) was trained in Pathology at the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam. Afterwards, he worked as a pathologist at the Leyenburg hospital in The Hague, before he switched to St. Antonius hospital Nieuwegein in 2005. Currently he is a medical manager, location Nieuwegein.

Fields of interest 

Gastrointestinal pathology




Urogenital pathology