Mr. Kees Seldenrijk, MD PhD, pathologist (Nieuwegein) 

“This merger to create the largest (supraregional) partnership for Pathology offers possibilities to enhance subspecialization, which will be for the benefit of patient care”...

Kees Seldenrijk (1957) was educated at the Westeinde hospital in The Hague and the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. Afterwards, he served as head of the department for Pathology SSDZ in Delft, which he combined with a traineeship in Pathology. After 1995 he worked in the St.Antonius hospital Utrecht/Nieuwegein, as a managing consultant for 10 years. Additionally, he contributed to the education in Pathology as a trainer for 15 years. As a member of both the steering committee and the partnership board, he hopes to give direction to further developments of this new partnership merger on March 14, 2013. In 1991 Kees Seldenrijk defended his thesis on the subject of “idiopathic chronic inflammatory bowel disease: aetiological, immunological and histopathological aspects.”

Fields of interest 

Bone and Soft tissue pathology

Gastrointestinal pathology

Pulmonary pathology