Mr. Matthijs van Oosterhout, MD PhD, pathologist (Nieuwegein) 

“In our pursuit of the best quality of patient care and education of residents in Pathology, we have not allowed the limits of our region to hold us back. Modern techniques allow us to create one virtual laboratory in which each participant can excel. This cooperation is appealing because it was created based on trust in each other’s qualities, not because it was imposed on us by outside forces”.

Matthijs van Oosterhout (1966) studied Medicine at the University of Amsterdam (1992). Afterwards, he did his PhD in Physiology at the University of Maastricht (1999). His studies concerned the effects of pacemakers on the structure of the heart. During the last year of his PhD he gained experience in the clinical practice at the department of Pediatrics at the University Hospital of Maastricht. After his training to become a pathologist at the University Medical Center Utrecht (2003) he stayed on for another 5 years as a pathologist with special interest in Cardiac and Pulmonary Pathology. Since 2007, he has been working at the St. Antonius hospital (Nieuwegein). He is also a member of the medical staff of the Zuwe Hofpoort hospital. Furthermore, he is actively participating in the education of residents as a trainer, in the medical staff (president of the medical staff St. Antonius hospital) and he has participated in the Committee for professional interests of the NVVP.

Fields of Interest 

Cardiac and Vascular Pathology

Pulmonary Pathology

Urogenital Pathology