Mr. Robert Jan van Suylen MD PhD, pathologist (Den Bosch) 

“Shortening turnaround times in diagnostics should not be a goal in itself. Quality in diagnostics is the prime target and should not be put in jeopardy by increasing time pressure.”

During his education in Pathology Robert Jan van Suylen (1957) specialized in Cardiovascular Pathology at the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam. One year after finishing his education he started at the University Medical Center Maastricht. There he finished his PhD thesis entitled “Vascular remodeling in pulmonary hypertension” four years later. Subsequently, he visited the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for a scientific project of one year. In the years after that, providing education and developing the training curriculum were his major tasks in Maastricht. In 2011 he made the next step in his career, moving to the Jeroen Bosch hospital Den Bosch for which innovation, collegiality, teamwork and quality of work were paramount. These keywords will become even more important for the partnership of Pathology-DNA.

Fields of interest 

Cardiac and vascular pathology

Gastrointestinal pathology

Pulmonary pathology