Carola de Wild MD, pathologist (Arnhem) 

“Pathology is a broad and beautiful specialty. Quality gains can be achieved by further specialization and by increasing knowledge in fields of interest. This cooperation offers extra opportunities which makes it very worthwhile for both patients and pathologists.”

Carola de Wild (1970) studied Medicine at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Her specialization in Pathology took place at the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam. To increase her expertise she subsequently did a fellowship in Dermatopathology at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Afterwards, she worked as a pathologist at the Haga hospital in The Hague for 5 years. During this period she also fulfilled vacancies in that region. In early 2010, she switched to Rijnstate hospital Arnhem. After her training in Rotterdam she joined the national diagnostic panel on melanoma to further study melanocytic lesions. Since early 2013 the partnership of Pathology-DNA has had its own melanoma panel acknowledged by IKNL.

Fields of interest 



Endocrine pathology