Mrs. Monique Koopmans MD PhD, pathologist (Den Bosch) 

“Cooperation in a large group with the interests of the patient as the starting point. Giving priority to continuous development of knowledge and paying attention to technological innovations in particular.”

After years of research in New York, which resulted in her thesis in 2001 at the University of Amsterdam entitled “Gap junctions in the Cardiovascular system”, Monique Koopmans (1965) entered her training to become a pathologist at the VU University Amsterdam. After starting as a pathologist in the province of Noord-Holland she switched to Pathology-DNA in 2013 to increase the knowledge on her fields of interest within the settings of an STZ hospital. Monique Koopmans is a board member of the Dutch Society for Pathology NVVP.

Fields of interest 

Breast pathology