Mrs. Suzanne Mol MD, pathologist (Den Bosch) 

“Through the recently introduced Perinatal Audits, we gain better insight into perinatal mortality in the Netherlands. This mortality has been suggested to be higher than in surrounding countries. A sound contribution of pathologists certainly increases the value of this instrument to measure quality of care. In this respect, interpreting placenta abnormalities cannot be underestimated.”

After her education in Pathology at the St. Radboud University Medical Center, Suzanne Mol (1970) further specialized in Perinatal Pathology, both in Australia and at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Afterwards, she became a pathologist at Jeroen Bosch hospital (Den Bosch) in 2010. Suzanne Mol actively participates in perinatal audits. She is a board member of the Dutch Society for Perinatal Pathology and gives lectures to residents in Pathology at the St. Radboud University Medical Center.

Fields of interest 

Breast Pathology


Perinatal Pathology