Pathology-DNA houses of 20 (surgical) pathologists and originates from three individual partnerships of Pathology. These partnerships of the Jeroen Bosch hospital, St. Antonius hospital and Rijnstate hospital have decided to join forces in order to create a strong and long-lasting cooperation. In this way, the ever-increasing demand for high quality pathology services, up-to-date techniques and most requested subspecialties can be met.

On January 1, 2013, the partnerships for Pathology of the aforementioned hospitals merged into Pathology-DNA. On October 24, 2014, the cooperation of Pathology-DNA with their respective laboratories of Pathology was officially acknowledged by the Board of Directors of these three hospitals. On January 1,2015, the legal status of partnership was changed into Pathology-DNA, a private limited corporation (B.V.).

The board of Pathology-DNA B.V. consists of director Peter de Bruin, MD PhD pathologist, secretary Rob Koot pathologist, and treasurer Carolien Bronkhorst pathologist.

manager Pathologie-DNA BV, Reini Rodenborg MSc

treasurer Carolien Bronkhorst MD, pathologist

director Peter de Bruin MD, PhD, pathologist

secretary Rob Koot MD, pathologist


SBI-code: 86221

Pathologie-DNA B.V.

Henri Dunantstraat 1

5223 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch

Telephone 0031-73-5532750

Chamber of Commerce 000031156576