About Pathology-DNA

Collaborative Partnership Pathology-DNA

The collaborative partnership Pathology-DNA ('s-Hertogenbosch, Nieuwegein, and Arnhem) offers efficient top-level diagnostics to specialists, general practitioners, and other referrers in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to Cytology (cell testing), Histology (tissue testing), and autopsy pathology, the collaborative partnership also offers extensive immunohistochemical and molecular diagnostic tests. Pathology-DNA also contributes to training doctors and laboratory technicians, and the collaborative partnership participates in research efforts from their own hospital, academia, and industry. Pathologie-DNA B.V. consists of 26 pathologists. The three laboratories for Pathology employ two clinical molecular biologists and over 200 laboratory technicians. The management is a dual management consisting of an operational manager and a medical manager.

Advantages of this Collaborative Partnership for Referrers

Pathology-DNA guarantees continuous diagnostics of excellent quality. Mutual consultation and consultation with academia ensure optimal diagnoses. Standardised approaches, agreed protocols for all of Pathology-DNA, and the use of advanced techniques in the three laboratories reduce the risk of error and enable quick delivery of results.

Jan Janssen