Pathologie-DNA B.V. consists of 28 pathologists and is the result of three Pathology partnerships. The Pathology partnerships of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, the St. Antonius Hospital Utrecht/Nieuwegein and Rijnstate decided to enter into an intensive, structural collaboration. This way, it became possible to better meet the increasing demand for high-quality diagnostic testing, up-to-date techniques, and every subspeciality.
On 1 January 2013, the Pathology partnerships of the three hospitals merged to become the collaborative partnership Pathology-DNA. On 24 October 2014 the collaboration between the partnership and the three Pathology laboratories became official. Per 1 January 2015, the legal form of the partnership was changed to Pathologie-DNA B.V., a limited liability company.
The board of Pathologie-DNA B.V. currently consists of Reini Rodenburg, manager Pathologie-DNA B.V., chairman Matthijs van Oosterhout, secretary Riena Aliredjo, treasurer Peet Nooijen and Liesbeth van Ingen-Egbertsen secretary Pathologie-DNA B.V.


Pathologie-DNA B.V.
Henri Dunantstraat 1
5223 GZ 's-Hertogenbosch

Telephone 073 - 5532750

Chamber of Commerce 000031156576
SBI-code: 86221