Pathology-DNA has several panels with specific focus areas.

  • The Melanoma Panel

The integral cancer centre Netherlands (IKNL) has officially recognised the melanoma panel that is active within Pathology-DNA. The panel consists of dermapathologists Monique Koopmans and Carola de Wild. The panel is the ninth regional panel established by the IKNL for rare diseases for which diagnosis is considered a challenge. Think for instance of malign lymphomas, soft tissue tumours, and melanomas. With the recognition, IKNL acknowledges that the melanoma panel can meet a number of requirements. These requirements include for instance that there always have to be two people present who are experts in the field of the illness. Another requirements is that the pathologists of the panel meet at least once a month. The panel also has to be open to external pathologists. In addition, there are requirements for record-keeping, and an annual report has to be published.

  • Increasing expertise

The recognition is a great boon for the melanoma panel. The advantage is that it means that financial compensation is available for two experts in the panel. There are also plans to organise an annual or bi-annual meeting regarding a melanoma-specific topic for the participating laboratories and other pathologists/speciality trainees. The results of the panel will be discussed there as well. Furthermore, for the coming years, the panel will be working on increasing expertise through participation in courses and professional visits to leading national and international experts in the field of pigment lesions. The panel is happy with the commitment of professor Wolter Mooi, pathologist at the VUmc, to regularly visit the panel. He is a Dutch and international expert in the field of melanocytic lesions. With this, the dermapathologists hope to bring the diagnosing of these abnormalities to an even higher level.

In addition to the melanoma panel recognised by the IKNL, there is also a lymphoma/bone marrow panel and an interstitial lung disease panel. These panels also meet every month.


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