Scientific Policy

Conducting scientific research contributes to offering high-level and innovative diagnostic testing. Together, the high level of subspecialisation and large amount of diagnostic material make an excellent foundation for scientific research within Pathology-DNA. A large number of the pathologists is involved with scientific research, in part initiated from Pathologie-DNA and in part the result of collaborations with partners in the own hospitals and academic centres.

Already much is happening when it comes to science and innovation, but in the coming years we hope to achieve more coordination and improved visibility of our research. A central registration system will help to maintain a good overview of the research we are conducting. Although there will continue to be room to do broader scientific research, priorities will be named that suit the vision and policy of Pathology-DNA and the visions and missions of the various hospitals involved. It will be these priorities that set us apart. We are currently working on determining these priorities.

In addition, we will work to better present the research that is being done within pathology-DNA, for instance through posts on the website, giving presentations at conferences, and publishing articles in scientific journals as well as non-scientific magazines.