Our organisation is led by a dual management consisting of an operational manager, Casper van Meerendonk and medical manager, Carolien Bronkhorst. This dual management, together with the laboratory heads of the various locations, forms the Pathologie-DNA management team.

The Pathologie-DNA management team, analysts, pathologists, administration and KMBPs work together towards a common goal: a correct diagnosis that provides direction for a targeted treatment.

Casper van Meerendonk website 02-2023

Casper van Meerendonk
Operational manager

Carolien Bronkhorst 03-2023

Carolien Bronkhorst
Medical manager and pathologist

Jeroen Bouman website 09-2023

Jeroen Bouman
Laboratory head location St. Antonius Ziekenhuis

Esther van den Heuvel website 09-2023

Esther van der Kolk-van den Heuvel
Laboratory head location Rijnstate

Henny Rigter website 09-2023 (1)

Henny Rigter
Laboratory head locatio Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis

Aukje van de Molengraft website 09-2023

Aukje van de Molengraft
Policy officer/project manager

Marion Steemers website 09-2023

Marion Steemers
Secretary and communication

Gerard van Zuilen 09-2023

Gerard van Zuilen
IT manager