Matthijs van Oosterhout rond 12-2020

Matthijs van Oosterhout

BIG-number: 29039816701

“In our pursuit of offering the best quality in terms of patient care and training speciality trainees, we will not let ourselves be limited by the borders of our regions. With modern techniques we form a single virtual laboratory that allows each participant to excel. The great thing about this collaboration is that it is the result of being convinced of each other's strengths, not a merger that was forced on us.”

Matthijs van Oosterhout studied Medicine at the University of Amsterdam (1992). He then earned his PhD at the Physiology department of Maastricht University (1999). His research focused on the effects of pacemakers on the structure of the heart. His final year of PhD research was used to gain clinical experience at the Child Medicine department at the Academic Hospital Maastricht. After his speciality training in the University Medical Centre Utrecht (2003), he continued working there as a pathologist for another five years, focusing on Heart and Lung Pathology. Since 2007 he has been working for the St. Antonius Hospital Utrecht/Nieuwegein. He is also associated with the Zuwe Hofpoort Hospital as a senior staff member. Moreover, he is currently active in the training of speciality trainees (trainer), with the senior staff (member of the staff partnership board), and for several years he actively participated in the professional interest committee of the NVVP.

Fields of interest

  • Cardiac and Vascular Pathology
  • Pulmonary Pathology
  • Urogenital Pathology