Ronald Huijsmans 07-2020 rond

Ronald Huijsmans

"Molecular Pathology is a dynamic field that has become an important part of pathology and the realisation of personalised medicine, meaning we can offer increasingly better personalised treatments for our patients. In my opinion, advantages of scale and innovation play a crucial role in realising this further and continuing to be able to offer state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic testing."

Ronald Huijsmans studied Biology and Medical Laboratory Research at the University of Applied Sciences West-Brabant (Avans). He started as a molecular analyst in the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. In 2009 he completed his Master's in Molecular Biology. After graduation, he worked as the unit head for molecular diagnostics at the Jeroen Bosch hospital. In 2013 Ronald completed his PhD (VUmc Amsterdam) research into various diagnostic applications of SNPs (variation of a single DNA building block) within Pathology.
Since completing the clinical molecular biologist in pathology training programme (2018), he has been working in this capacity.