Dutch Cervical Screening Programme

The Dutch Cervical Cancer Screening Programme is a quinquennial screening for women between the ages of 30 and 60. Every year, about 750,000 women are invited and 500,000 pap smears are conducted in general practitioner practices. The pap smear is used to collect cells from the cervix. After arriving at the laboratory, the hrHPV analysis and any follow-up tests are conducted. The high-risk Human [apillomavirus is the virus that can cause cervical cancer. If the virus is encountered, the same pap smear will be evaluated for abnormal cells. If cervical cancer is caught early, there is a good chance that treatment will be successful.
Since 2017 it is possible for non-responders to collect materials themselves using a so-called self-sampling device (ZAS). If the result of the ZAS is Hr+, the woman should go to her general practitioner to get a pap smear.

The Cervical Cancer Screening Programme is currently only being done by three screening laboratories in the Netherlands.
Pathology-DNA location Jeroen Bosch Hospital is one of these screening laboratories,.

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